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Managed servers are the own managed and maintained servers. They are stress free servers that does not require professional administration and complicated assistance. These are customized and range of servers which can be opted to every type of organization to meet their operational efficiency. As these servers possess their own maintenance and professional backup system this kind of servers are highly accepted in the business world. There are many types of managed servers.

Cloud servers

Cloud server is a competitive IT infrastructure used for the information processing. Multiple simple servers are framed out of a large physical server with the help of virtualization soft wares. Organization setup cloud servers to realize their routine functions on workloads with the information storage system. This server is built, hosted and delivered via cloud computing platforms using the internet. They are also known as virtual servers. 

Special features of cloud servers:

  • Serves the entire organization with all information like an on-premises server
  • Store large volume of information
  • Help the users to work on comprehensive workloads
  • Provides customer friendly payment mode
  • Option for a shared hosting plan
  • Availability of on demand automated services

Benefits of cloud servers:

  • Stability- Unlike with physical servers this server will not have any impact even if another user overloads their cloud server.
  • Reliable- Compared to the traditional servers’ cloud servers are more reliable. If there are any issues, resources can be easily moved from one to other.
  • Cost effective – As the clients have to pay according to their usage, cost reduction can be done accordingly and even complete reduction if no longer they are in need.
  • Flexible- Cloud servers are highly flexible for modifying with additional resources. This makes it more convenient for the customers who may face future amendments on resources.
  • Scalable – Cloud servers are helpful for organization whose needs may fluctuate with different situations. Users were able to scale computing and storage resources as per requirements.
  • Integration- The entire networks in an organization is coordinated with cloud servers in way to provide uninterrupted services.

Best cloud service provider in Kerala

TechAlwafaa is the leading cloud server companies in Kochi and Calicut to support organizations with expert panel of cloud specialists. Being the best cloud service provider, we deliver first rated cloud solutions to the clients. We extend our dedicated service to meet with the best and reliable cloud solutions in the industry. We customize the cloud server requirements of varied customers in a way to produce exemplary operational efficiencies.

Being the best cloud service providers in Kochi and Calicut, we support in executing cloud servers on different operating system

Our cloud server company in Calicut offer compatible cloud servers on Windows and Linux operating systems. Our cloud specialists offer handy and flexile services based on the specifications of customer. 

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