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Presenting your products in front of customers through online or digital medias is referred as market place. You can own or rent an online space to market and sell your products or service. These platforms are developed by experienced designers according to the kind of business. Market place soft wares are high end application which will pursue complete process involved in the sales. Starting with the various product demonstrations, description, sales, payment processing, post-sale services etc. are integrated on to an application.
TechAlwafaa has a strong squad of experienced designers and developers who can create any types of market place for organizations. If you are looking to start your online business, you are at the safe hands!! Our professional designers and developers support to conclude on the type and design of a suitable online market place software for your organization.
Multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace features several companies or organizations selling their products at a single platform. We help the organizations to develop own marketplace or to integrate with multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace. Our expert panel crosses each complicated developing stage to develop or find a matching online marketplace software to the providing of our clients. Being acquainted on type, size and niche market place play a vital role in the viability of business. We consider many factors when we develop a market place.

Features of a Market Place:

  • Security
  • Registration for vendors
  • Sign up via social network
  • Managing user profile
  • Managing listing
  • Booking/order process
  • Payment
  • Reviews
  • Notification
  • Landing page
  • Browsing content
  • Customer service

Products or services, we create the best online marketplace for you!!

TechAlwafaa is highly equipped with modern digital tactics and professional programmers who will create the best online market place software including multivendor marketplace.

Product market place software

Our product market place software provides a good platform to get connected with various service providers. You will be able to find out an online business service that matches to your expectation. We develop product market place for you. Featuring with several must ones to an online business place, we extend our quality service to offer you a best platform for the sale of various products.

Perfect communication is the essential feature for any business. When it comes on virtual platform, there should be a friendly interface that will generate smooth communication between the seller and buyer. Our developers create a special platform to eradicate all the anticipated dilemma between the seller and buyer. Product market places are highly competing with advancement in trends. We keep a pace on your online market place to modify according to the trends.

Service market place software

A service market place offers good range of services from the providers. Customers scroll on to find the service matching to their requirements and fix the deal online. Once the payment is done, user experience the service in short time. Service market place is a revolution in online market. Unlike products, this requires more featuring and listing on service information as it has to convince the customer.

TechAlwafaa’s service market place soft wares have an end to end services which allow the retailers to offer personalized experience to one and each customer. We increase the user conversion rate and also the revenue of the providers, with our sleek designs on your market place.

Payment Gateway Integration

Payment Gateway is a service offered by e-commerce web pages for the payment towards business activity. This software application takes care of the payment processing in the platform through credit cards or any other mode of payment. Payment Gateway is a liaison between e-commerce website and the bank that authorizes a customer’s credit card payment. Online Payment gateways authorizes all transaction between the merchant and customers.

Role of Payment Gateway Integration in E-commerce

Whenever a customer is done with the online purchasing, payment gateways help to complete the transaction through payments. Online payment gateway integrations are set in a way to access and approve different mode of payments through credit or debit cards. Payment gateways work through the credit card information given by the customer.

It is inevitable to own any of the payment gateway for any online business as payment through internet is only feasible with this application. All the transactions are processed on the credit card information that customers enter.

How does Payment Gateway integration works?

  1. Customer places the order
  2. “card not present” transaction will take place
  3. Credit card information will be submitted and encrypted
  4. Encrypted data is sent to the merchant’s processor
  5. The processor routs the transaction to credit card association.
  6. Transaction is approved or denied
  7. Satisfying all the requirements, transaction is authorized by the bank

Advantages of Payment gateways:

In addition to the payment process, several features incorporated in this application helps you with several add ones:

  • Payment information storage
  • Encryption
  • Recurring billing
  • Virtual terminal
  • PCI compliance
  • API tools and developer information
  • Integration

We develop the best payment gateway integrations.

TechAlwafaa is the best payment gateway providers in Calicut. We help you to select the type of payment gateway that is most suitable for your business. Our professional support will assist you to have the perfect business transaction platform. Our experts will meet all your payment processing needs such as coupling of gateway and merchant account. We develop your payment gateways to accept various currencies to drive in more business.

We help you to have the secure transaction deal with the customers. A perfect payment gateway integration will improve customer relationship with enhanced trust by the customer. When you provide the most trusted online marketing, more user conversion take place and business grows.

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