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One of the effective online marketing mode is search engine marketing. Search Engine Marketing is a digital marketing effort through which paid publicity of websites are made by improving visibility in search engine result pages. With this process maximum website traffic can be generated in a way to meet marketing return on investment. SEM can be divided into two categories. Organic and paid- Organic SEM is the natural way to earn website traffic through SEO’s where as in paid SEM we will use different search engines as a medium for adverts.

Different SEM medium

  • Google Ads
  • Google Display Network
  • YouTube Advertising
  • Remarketing
  • Programmatic Ads
  • Google AdSense
  • Ad Mob

How SEM works?

Search Engine marketing mode to earn maximum exposure is the most common advertising strategy adopted in the current business environment. Based on the digital tactics and expertise implemented for the search engine marketing by an organization, more reach out and success will follow. Search engine marketing is the collective effort of various professionals which will integrate together for the branding and positioning of the organizations in the market.

By anticipating the keywords and phrases that the customers may search on web for finding products or services is the best way to excel with organic SEM. The success of search engine marketing lies in the hand of the SEM specialist who could predict and incorporate likely search queries into perfect phrases, such that every search related to that specific company will head in the search result lists including SEO videos, social media, online review sites etc. which are different organic mode of SEM.

Search engine marketing will become more successful with various types of paid advertisements through several online media, website traffic will increase.  SEM specialists will locate the presence of target customers and Place the attractive and appealing advertisements which would induce the customers to buy or recommend the product to others.

Benefits of Search Engine Marketing

  • SEM help you to reach on the right customer at right place
  • Cost effective online marketing strategy
  • As it is a measurable strategy, changes with respect to tracking results can be made.
  • It creates brand awareness
  • SEM increases marketing ROI

We are the leading Search engine marketing service providers in Kerala.

TechAlwafaa’s eminent team of SEM specialists are focused to improve the visibility of websites of different companies through organic and paid advertisements. To sustain in the modern business world, it is unavoidable for the organizations to create website traffic by purchasing ads on search engines. The promotion of website through paid advertisement will create more publicity and there by the company will get more exposure in online market space. We assist to market your company through paid advertisements.

Search advertising- This is a paid advertisement platform developed by google. Brief advertisements, Video or audio content on product or services etc. can be published here. When people searches with keywords matching to your ad, it appears in the organic search results. When the user clicks on that ad it will redirect to your website to give more details. TechAlwafaa is a Google ads certified PPC agency in Cochin to help you to set the business into profitability curve.  We help to establish your advertisements on first tier search engines. Our professional approaches, innovative and creative interventions etc. are leading us as the top rated Pay per click PPC advertising agency in Kochi.

Benefits of Google Ads?

This is an extremely cost effective mode of advertising as you have to pay only if the user clicks on the ad.

  • You can also fix on how much you want to spend for ad.
  • Improvements are measurable
  • Highly targeted to potential customers

Google display network is the group of websites which run Google Ads. Displaying ads on huge networks will increase the reach to customers and thereby generate more traffic to site. GDN cost as per the customers’ requirement on ad display. Professional Search engine marketers will help you to set up a successful display campaign in Google Ad words. We are known as the Best Google AdWords agency in Kerala.

  • Expand your reach
  • Meet the customers at right place
  • Success of ad is measurable
  • Increased return on marketing investment

TechAlwafaa is the popular Google GDN Advertising agency in Kochi to place advertisements on huge networks of websites across the internet. Our expert panel will help you to develop the most relevant advertisement strategy to your company by promising a lead in search for your website.

Advertising your company on the world’s largest video streaming portal will help to meet potential customers more compared to other social media platforms.
YouTube advertising is paid only if the user clicks on the posted ad. Online YouTube advertising campaign helps to achieve the business goals easily with reduced investment on marketing. We are the professional YouTube advertising agency which will enhance the exposure to your business through YouTube marketing in Kerala

Benefits of YouTube Advertising:

  • Expanded Reach
  • Perfect targeting
  • Measurable approach
  • Reduced cost

Programmatic ads are used to target customers with different demographic features. With this strategy you can choose on the highly effective way of targeting right customers at right place. Programmatic ads create specific content to the right person at the right time in the right context. This mode of marketing will give more precision by reaching on to exactly right people. It is the real time bidding on programs with soft wares to perform marketing campaigns. We are the leading programmatic advertising agency in Kerala to cater you with minimal manual inhuman errors during digital advertisements. TechAlwafaa’s Programmatic ad services in Kochi has got wide acceptance, as there is wide chance of publicity and minimal errors.

Benefits of programmatic adverts:

  • Quick and efficient mode of Ad
  • Offers real time data and insight to customer
  • Programmatic ads are optimized and personalized
  • Reduces the cost on online marketing

This is an advertisement platform developed by google. Website publishers can display text, image or video advertisements and host will earn money based on how much site visitor’s view or click on the advertisements.  Being the eminent Google AdSense provider in Kochi, we have catered many customers to excel in digital marketing. Our professional marketers will help you with the best on trends.

Benefits of Google AdSense:

  • Pay according to the click and view
  • Generate more traffic to site
  • Increases the visitors
  • Expanded reach
  • Increase in ROI

This is the world’s largest mobile advertising platform to market through mobile applications. Mobile app install campaigns and adverts will help you to reach the target audience cost effectively. Mobile banners and text ads on product or services are targeted to meet right customers. Ad Mob help you to market with the best available network for your company. Ad mob provides the best integrated technological platform to the advertisers.

TechAlwafaa is the leading mobile marketing agency to help you out with all your digital marketing requirements by maximizing the return and generating demands. Mobile ads in Kerala will be framed by our experts in a way to earn maximum range of reach. Our proficient support desk’s commitment and dedication to market our clients with the powerful insight and technological trends make us the best mobile advertising agency in Calicut.